Project: Airline Business

After having gathered some experience in the airline business together with his temporary business partner Markus Del Monego, sommelier World Champion of 1998, Hanswerner Bendix could win the airline Asiana as customer for Madison.

Asiana is the second largest Korean airline with currently 80 planes and is member of the Star Alliance.

The Situation:

Airbus and Boeing aircrafts are the most common types of aircraft used by almost all airlines. Even the services offered are mostly identical. Distinguishing oneself from the competition has become increasingly difficult. In order to sharpen the airline’s profile, Madison was commissioned to develop a wine and enjoyment package that enhances the “feel-good factor”, particularly for Asiana’s customers flying Business or First Class.

The Idea:

With a premium-quality selection of wines and sparkling wines, Madison wants to impart to Asiana’s passengers a sense of appreciation. For this purpose a team of international top-sommeliers was formed. Under the guidance of Swedish sommelier Andreas Larsson, World Champion 2007, wines and sparkling wines from all over the world have since then been regularly selected, tasted and coordinated to match with the dishes on offer, especially with those of the Asian cuisine.

The result: In the recent years Asiana has received many international awards for its exceptional wine service. The professional selection of wines has sustainably contributed to the image profiling of the brand Asiana and is one of the key elements in the enterprise’s marketing activities.

Asiana Wine Awards:
Five-Time Winner „Airline oft the year“
2012 Business Traveler*
2012 Premier Traveler
2011 Global Traveler
2009 ATW
(*Best Overall Airline in the World)